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Personal Assistant Information

List of PA/VA duties and prices:

Social media management -($10 per hour)

Email/messaging management/organization -($10 per hour)

Time/schedule management (to encourage productivity and help authors meet daily/weekly writing goals) –(50 per month)

Creating, maintaining, and running of street teams -($10 per hour)

Promoting/marketing future and current releases -($10 per hour)

Submitting to Facebook pages in order to promote new releases and sales -($10 per hour)

Beta reading/proofreading/ Minor editing (misspelled words/punctuation) – ($30 for 30k, $40 for 40k, etc)

Sending out and tracking review copies ($10 per hour)

Post Office duties: Review Copies, Prize winnings, and swag. (Totals to be tallied at the end of the month and added to invoice) – ($50 per month, plus all postage fees)


# 1 Social media management, email/message management, and managing street team ($400 per month)

# 2 Time Schedule management, post office duties, and sending/tracking review copies ($150 per month)

# 3 Promoting future/current releases and submitting to Facebook pages ($200 per month)

*Note: Will not organize blog tours, but will provide information for such if needed.

***If interested in any services (or packages) not listed, please contact me as the list is not necessarily all inclusive.

For questions and/or to contract services, contact me at: