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Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Endings--- Yay or Nay?

Hello, bookworms!

Sorry for my absence! With the starting up of college again and the large number of review requests I've been getting, it's been hard to keep up, but starting next week I've got tons of reviews, suggestions, interviews, and giveaways to share with you. I'm even going to be doing a guest post on an author's blog about book reviews!

Today's blog topic is something that means a lot to me while reading a book. The idea came to me after I finished a book that was the last book of a series earlier. What is the topic, you may ask?

Happy Endings!

It occured to me when I got the idea for this blog post that I LOVE happy endings in books. Yes, I'll admit it. I am a total sap. I'm the one girl in the quiet movie theatre that says "Awh!" complete with my hands clasped under my chin, or the girl that gets teary eyed when a couple end up together at the end of a book. And I'm not talking about happy endings just consisting of the hero and heroine uniting at last. (Okay...Mostly that.) Maybe the happy ending is a character beating a sickness, having a baby, or finally getting the promotion they deserve.

I think I love happy endings for books so much because in real life, happy endings are a lot harder to come by. Some believe they don't exist at all.

Because I'm such a romantic, I tend to not like a book or series as much if it doesn't end happily. I mean, if the couple go through five or six books filled with tension, obsticles, and drama, why can't they be together in the end? Is it wrong that I base a book or series off of my love for happy endings?

Now that I've voiced my opinion, I'd like to hear yours! Are you a 'happy ending' person? Or do you find it refreshing when things don't go as people planned?

Happy Reading!!


  1. with all of the bad crap going on in the world, give me my HAPPY ending, lol

  2. I am exactly the same way! LOL! It can be a completely awesome book/series in every way, but if the ending is sad? Forget it... it's ruined the whole thing for me. I agree with Rhonda who posted before me too.. I read to escape the real world!

  3. If it is a story that will not be a series then yes I like it if it is a happy ending.. if it will be a trilogy then I will be ok but will fight for them to one day have a happy ending