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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Author Interview with Alexia Purdy

Happy Tuesday, Kristina's Books & More fans! I hope your week is starting well. Today on the blog I have author Alexia Purdy!Enjoy the interview!

First off, can you tell everyone a little bit more about yourself?
I’m 33 yrs old and I work as an RN to fund my writing career and not be homeless, been one for almost 12 years.  I have four kids ranging from 11-2yrs old who drive me crazy every day.  I love to read all the time and I have a huge imagination and am very chatty.  I like anything creative and enjoy watching movies, singing, traveling and of course reading and writing.

What age did you start writing? What inspired you to start?
I started writing since I could write, probably around 6?  Not too sure but I would write out these cute little stories, illustrate them and everything.  I wanted to write just like the wonderful books that I was enjoying at the time.

Tell us about your book(s)? 
My debut series starts with Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale) It is about a girl named Shade, a half human half Faery who encounters the Land of Faerie and is sent on a mission to acquire special water magic to aid the Seelie Queen in a battle between the Faerie courts.  Shade discovers that not everyone in Faerie is what they seem and challenges on her life are around every corner.  When she sets out on this journey, magic defies all she has ever known and she learns that she might have a few tricks up her own sleeve.
Are your characters based on people you know?
No they are not based on anyone I know, they really live in my imagination.

Which of your characters is most like yourself?
I’d say Shade is most like me, though I can’t say that we are that similar.  She’s observant, smart, yet vulnerable in her own way, I guess I am too.

Do you listen to music while you write? Do you have playlists for your books?
I can only write with music and change the type of music I am listening to depending on the mood I need for writing a certain scene.  I do have playlists for my books that can be found on Spotify or take a peek at my Facebook page where they listed.

What are you currently working on?
I am launching my debut novel Ever Shade on March 16th 2012 with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing so I’m busy getting things together for that.  I am also working on a post-apocalyptic vampire hunter series called Reign of Blood, first book will release at the end of March 2012.  I also love writing poetry and am putting my collection out as an ebook in February.
Are there any specific things you have to have while you write?
Just my laptop, headphones, music, some coke soda and chocolate, and to be left alone!!!
Do you have a certain place/time you write?
I write mostly at my dining room table, I don’t have a desk.  I write during my little one’s nap times and mostly late at night after they go to bed.

What do you do when you're not writing?  I mostly read, watch movies or hang out with my family.  My brother lives in the same city so we go out to eat and hang out a lot, our kids are around the same age too.  He’s my twin by the way and he rocks!

Do you read all the reviews about your books?
Right now since there are not that many, I do read them all.

Tell us about your journey to get published?
I self-published in July 2011 with my debut novel, then it was named Interim Blue.  I researched about self-publishing and thought it was a good option for me.  It took off since then and then in November, I was asked to submit to Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and was accepted, yaaaay!!!  It definitely has opened doors to put my work out there.

Do you read? Who is your favorite author?
I love to read!  My favorite authors I have to say are Charlaine Harris, Alice Hoffman and Cassandra Clare.  They have amazing writing and have inspired me greatly.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors like myself?
Just keep at it.  Write every day and read every day.  Always do something for your writing, promote and chat with people about it.  You have to put it out there or no one will know you exist.
Random questions:
Favorite band?
Linkin Park
Tie between Purple and yellow
Tie between Italian and Mexican food.
The one question that hasn't been asked yet, but you like to be asked?
Do I think writers are the new rock stars?  For sure!
Where can fans find you?
Goodreads Author page:
Facebook Profile page:
Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale) Fan page:
Anything else you like to tell everyone?
I love my fans!! You guys are the best ever!  Thank you for all your support, love and encouragement in the dark times and good times.  Love you!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Great interview. Good luck. It sounds like you are on a roll.