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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Sword For His Women by A Jacob Sweeny Review!

The Pulse Historia #1 

A Sword For His Women 
I would like to add a light warning for this series. I did so on my other pages so I thought I should do so here. In PULSE HISTORIA we follow real historical events, meaning I will not sugarcoat facts. History is brutal and not always "politically correct", but as a history teacher it is my duty to present facts without fear of what others might think. Also we follow more personal stories of our much loved heroes- and they are grown men and will be doing grown men things-so things might get steamier. In The Pulse Myth series we see our immortals living in a very soft world compared to how things were... 
A SWORD FOR HIS WOMEN tells the story of how several of the immortal heroes from The Pulse Myths series first encountered one another while fighting alongside Vlad Dracul (Vlad The Impaler) against the Ottoman Turks in the mid 1400’s. It follows one of the heroes and his personal story of loss and heartache, and redemption. 

The Pulse Historia is a series of short stories chronicling various episodes in the lives of A Jacob Sweeny’s beloved Immortals from the smash hit trilogy The Pulse Myths. Each Pulse Historia narrative can be read and enjoyed on its own, but for a deeper understanding of what and who these characters are and how they fit into the trilogy, check out Pulse of Heroes, a 200,000 word epic paranormal romance set in modern day.

My Review:

A Sword For His Women is a delightful addition to The Pulse Myth series and has thoroughly excited and inspired me to finally read book two.  (Which I'm loving, by the way!)

This is the brilliant story of how several of our favorite heroes from Pulse of Heroes meet and develop a friendship that will last for a very long time. It is a tale that is both riveting and haunting, sticking with me long after I had read the last word, as well as thrilling and fascinating. One of the things best about this short is the fact that Ms. Sweeny is a history teacher that does not sugar coat past events. She gives us the dark and grimy truth that is horrifying at times, yet you cannot put it down. The story is also a bit steamier than POH and has a few heartbreaking scenes as well. It leaves you exhausted afterwards, from feeling all of the emotions these heroes felt and reading about a glimpse of what they've been through in their long lives.

This novella really shows AJ's talent. She is quite diverse with her writing skills. I love the fact that she can write a tender, romantic scene in Pulse of Heroes and then do a complete 360 and write about war and impaling people on sticks in detail in A Sword For His Women. She does the historical aspect of the story very well! It is more  touching and utterly fulfilling than any other short I have read before.

I really loved the chance to get to know all of the immortals outside of The Pulse Myths series.

If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to pick up this truly amazing series.


Happy Reading!

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