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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Author Spotlight: Interview with Genevieve Scholl!

Tell my fans a little bit about yourself and your books. Well, let’s see… I’m just a small town country girl, with a love of writing. I write what I would want to read, because I have to enjoy my stories as much as the readers would. Before I became a writer, I was always a reader, and I know what I liked and didn’t like. If I couldn’t write, I’d go insane. It is my escape, my adventure, and my first true love and always will be. My books are mostly Romance based, but there are some hidden gems within them as well. I won’t give too much away, because then you won’t read them, but let’s just say “They’re a jolly good time!” *wink wink*

How many books have you written? What are their titles?
-         Full books (4); full available books (2); short stories (4).
-         Love Claus (Book 1 in the Naughty North Pole Novels), Catching a Cardinal (Book 1 in the Birds of Paradise series), Fairan (An Erotic Short Story), His Brother’s Widow (Short Story), A Cowboy in the Hay (An Erotic VERY Short Story), Showering with a Ghost (An Erotic Short Story). [Also, the unavailable ones are: A Mother’s Day Murder, and A Father’s Day Fatality- They are unavailable, because the publisher and I have parted ways… They are still searchable on Amazon, but they are ridiculously expensive, so if any reader would like to read them, I DO offer them through my author page in PDF format.]

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? I am a sort of jack of all trades… I am a photographer, dancer, singer, artist, fashion designer, interior designer, wedding planner, editor, cover designer, etc. I have a beautiful niece, whom I love to pieces, and another little niece or nephew on the way. Let’s see… I know there are more layers of me, but I don’t know if I should give it all away. hehe

What advice would you give to an aspiring author? Write. Write like you would die if you didn’t. The passion behind a story is very important. If the reader can feel the author’s passion for the piece, they will too. Yes, things like grammar, sentence structure, etc are important, but don’t worry about those right away. The story is what is most important. Every character has a story to tell, and if you are lucky enough to hear one of them you their story, then don’t ignore them; for you truly are special. After all, not everyone has that “third hearing”.

What’s your favorite scene/line from your works? I love every scene and line equally……… Okay, okay, you caught me; I do have a favorite. In Catching a Cardinal, there is a scene where the hero, Elliot, tells his father, the villain, that “Blood may be thicker than water, but sometimes blood burns, and water is the only way to save you from the flames.”

What's the hardest thing about writing? The easiest? I’d have to say that the hardest part, for me any way, is the beginning. Starting with a sentence that will capture the reader’s attention is very difficult. The easiest? Well, there really isn’t anything “easy” about writing. There may be times when it’s easier, but it’s still a difficult process that needs a lot of thought, time, and attention. Not everyone can be a writer; if you’re writing JUST to make money, you’ll never know the joy of writing a story, because it needs to be told. Now, I’m not saying that you CAN’T be a writer, in order to make money or anything like that… Don’t get me wrong, I love my royalty payments… After all, like our parents always say, “You can be anything you put your mind to”, but, there has to be more to it than the $ amount. Now, I know this isn’t what you asked, but let me explain my point: The easiest thing about writing, or being a writer, is the love I have for my books and my characters.

What are you currently reading? Currently, A Million Dirty Secrets by C.L Parker… Next, Silent Harmony by Michele Scott. However, my TBR pile (both paperback and digital) is huge!

What are you currently working on? Working on the second and third books in The Naughty North Pole Novels: Hired for Christmas, and Father Christmas. Coming out in November and December. Then, going to work on a couple of co-authored novels in 2014, along with some new ones from me… Have the whole 2014 year planned out already J

What books did you read as a child? Nancy Drew was my weakness, but I read almost everything except my textbooks or required reads lol… Don’t make me read, because I won’t do it. It has to be my decision.

What genre is your favorite to read? I’m a Romantic at heart, so hand me a Debbie MaComber, Nora Roberts, or Sherryl Woods novel, and you’ll be my best friend for life.

How has your life changed since you began writing? I’m not sure my life has changed much since becoming a writer, except for the wonderful people I’ve met; either online or in real life. I’ve never had so many people who care about me, or want to know what’s going on in my life. I’ve always been a pretty independent person, and was happy to keep to myself, but since becoming a published writer (especially and Indie) I have found myself WANTING to tell people about my life, the progress of my writing, etc. I want to chat with other authors and readers, and discuss everything about life: even the mundane every day “I went to work and came home” kind of stuff. I think I’ve really opened up more about myself, and with myself… Hmmm, I guess maybe my life has changed J

Do you listen to music while you write? Sometimes. Most of the time, however, I usually just have the TV on in the background. But, if there is nothing on TV, or I need some musical inspiration I do turn on the tunes… Except, that usually distracts me more than anything, because I usually start to sing and dance and forget about my writing lol

What's been your favorite moment as an author? Meeting the readers. Plain and simple. Reviews are great, but there’s nothing like getting a message from a reader who tells me something like “your writing is so real; I can really feel the emotion” or something like that.

Out of all of your characters, who is your favorite? That’s like comparing apples and oranges lol, but I think one of my secondary characters in Catching a Cardinal holds a special place in my heart. Reed Moore, AKA “the muscle”, is a big burly teddy bear, but he’s also the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. He can be misunderstood, but deep down he’s just as sensitive as the rest of us.

You’re stranded on a desert island. What books do you take with you? You mean I can’t take them all? Pouty face… Well, I think I’d be extremely sad if I couldn’t have my own books, but would it be okay if Charley Davidson tagged along? (If you don’t understand that reference, then you haven’t read the best books in the world: Darynda Jones’ grave series)

Where can fans find you?

Note from the author: Portions of all proceeds from my books and stories are donated to charities. As of now, we are donating to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and The Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Breast Cancer, but we are constantly added more charities as more books are published. Furthermore, if you would like to sign up for my monthly newsletter, please contact me on my Facebook author page (link above) and I will get you all signed up.

Cindy Gingerman loves the Christmas holiday, but sometimes she feels like she’s the only one. Her parents don’t celebrate, her best friend would rather be in Tahiti than watch the snow fall, and Cindy’s been single for a while. What a depressing Christmas.
Until, Trent shows up at her door dressed like Santa and holding a tree. Something draws her to him and she lets him into her home and her head…
Now, the only question is, will she let him into her heart as well?
Trent Claus knew that Cindy was his destined bride. From the moment he saw her, there was no denying it. The only challenge he had to face was getting her to believe it as well. Can he do it?
“Sweet Cindy…”
He believes he can, until his father falls ill and he has to move his plans along a lot faster than expected. What will Cindy think of his little town and the truth of who he is?
Will she run like his ex-girlfriend had? Or will she stay and make him the luckiest, and happiest, man on Earth?
“Please don’t go…”

Re-entering the small cottage that Cindy called home, he heard the soft twangs of a Country Music star singing Christmas songs. He started to hum along, until an angelic voice joined the deep one coming from the stereo speakers. He set down the ornaments, stepped out of his boots, and wandered into the living room to investigate.
Cindy stood next to the fireplace, staring into the flames with her eyelashes lowered, her lips moving smoothly over each festive word. The lights on the Christmas tree behind her created a halo-like glow around her, further reminding Trent of an angel. His angel.
O’ Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining…
She stopped when she looked up and noticed that Trent was leaning against the doorway, watching. “Please don’t stop,” he said. “You have a beautiful voice.”
“Thank you,” she blushed. “But, I don’t normally sing in front of people.”
“How come?”
“Music is my confidence. It is the only way I know to express myself, but it’s still hard to let the real me shine through in front of people. I’m always terrified of failing.”
He knew the feeling. Trent would always feel terrified of failing in front of his father. He was The Big Man, after all, and Trent would forever try to live up to his expectations. They’d already had one riff when Trent had mentioned that he didn’t want to go into the family business. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew that making toys was not his forte.
“It’s okay to be terrified, Sweet Cindy, but never doubt that you have a voice the angels would be jealous of.” Cindy’s cheeks brightened to a crimson hue, making Trent smile. She’s as adorable as an elf, he thought in admiration, as the glitter on her cheeks twinkled in the fire glow. Trent swallowed. Did he just call her adorable? Great Ghost of Christmas Past! That was what his father had started to do when he had met his destined, and the one thing that Trent had always said he would never do. That was it; the last straw. He was hooked and ready to be reeled in. Speaking of hooked… “I brought in a bunch of ornaments for the tree. Why don’t we go start to decorate that gorgeous tree?”
“Sure,” she said with a smile. “I’ll just turn off the music.”
“No,” he said as he walked over to where she had her finger poised over the power button on the stereo, and placed his fingers against her wrist. “I love Christmas music; turn it up.”
Cindy visibly swallowed and stared into his eyes. She nodded and slowly twisted the volume knob until the sweet sounds of Carrie Underwood’s voice drifted through the entire house. While Cindy might have had a voice that the angel’s would be jealous of, Carrie had a voice that could kill the devil. Trent had always considered her his favorite singer, but- after hearing Cindy’s beautiful voice- he had a new favorite; a five foot six brunette with piercing blue eyes and a figure that great artists would admire.
For the next thirty minutes, they decorated the tree and hummed along to the tunes. It felt so natural that Trent found himself constantly smiling. He was really enjoying this time with Cindy, but he knew that soon the fun times would have to end and he’d have to try to tell her the complete truth. He hoped that she would take the truth a little bit better than Holli had. His ex-girlfriend had been less than willing to accept the truth about his family. She had even gone as far as to try to have him committed.
Cindy’s strained voice caught his attention. “Yes?”
“I can’t reach the top to put the star on. Could you do it?”
Thanks to Cindy’s best friend, Alyssa, Trent knew for a fact that the tree topper was Cindy’s favorite part about decorating a tree. He hated to deprive her of that joy.
“I’ve got a better idea,” he began, setting down the ornament he had been about to hang. “Why don’t I lift you, so you can put it on top?”
She was hesitant at first, no doubt thinking he was just a little bit crazy and probably just wanted to get his hands on her, but eventually she smiled and nodded. First, he tried to lift her around the waist, but she still couldn’t reach the very top of the tree. So, he tried a different tack, and cupped his hands so she could step into them. Again, she couldn’t reach the top and was too unsteady to do it safely.
“Okay, there is only one way that this is going to work.”
Cindy looked over at him as she blew a strand of hair out of her face. “What’s that?”
He smiled and winked. “You’re going to have to climb on to my shoulders.”
Her eyes drifted across his shoulders, before she nodded and set down the star. Trent knelt down on the linoleum floor and braced his hands against her table for support. Cindy sighed and touched his left shoulder. After making sure he was ready for her weight, she slowly slid her right foot up the side of his body and gently placed her incredibly sexy thigh atop his shoulder. Trent swallowed as he felt the start of an erection growing in his pants. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but it was too late to turn back now. Cindy repeated the process on the other side and enveloped his head with her legs. The heat of her core enflamed the back of his neck as he slowly stood, and retrieved the star from the table top. Cindy’s thighs clenched tight and her fingers spread through his hair for leverage. The pain from his erection was torture as he walked toward the tree and handed the star to her to place atop the tree. She grabbed the star with her left hand, while keeping a tight grip on his hair with the right, and slid it into place. Each scrape of the metal against the needles of the tree resounded throughout the room. It felt like a million years before she smiled and asked him to put her down on solid ground again.
“There,” she said with enthusiasm. “It looks beautiful.”
“It sure does,” Trent said; not once looking at the tree. “But, I’m not talking about the tree.” Cindy turned toward him and her smile faded to be replaced with the blush that crept up her neck and into her cheeks. It reminded him of Rudolph’s nose when he pranced through the fields. Trent slid his hand across her soft cheek and cupped his fingers behind her neck. “Sweet Cindy,” he said as his lips lowered to meet hers.

I'm just a small town girl with a heart for the country life. I'm very shy and pretty much a loner, but my writing helps me be more outgoing and talk to various people that I would otherwise have a hard time approaching. I don't write for the money or the fame, but rather to tell a story that needs to be told; whether that is my story or a character's story. As a lot of people know, from my various interviews, I started writing to express my anger and hurt over the bullying that I experienced in High School, but eventually I just realized that I loved to tell stories. I was born in Texas, grew up and still live in Upstate New York, and want to retire in Ireland.

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