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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spotlight: Cold November Rain by Lisa Beth Darling!


 Mason and his Mystery Lover meet again in the second installment of the hot adult The Doc Series.  As he becomes sucked into her world of insanity, hot sex and crazy love ensue much against Mason's better judgment.  Mason is not alone in his lust for the fair 'Rose'. Someone else is watching and seething over her loss.

"You're in my head." Morning, noon, and night she was in his head and now she was finally back in his bed. He wasn't going to let any of the night slip by him. She leaned into him and he took one pert pink nipple into his mouth as he breathed deeply of her scent. Rick was slightly disappointed not to have the sweet scent of honeysuckle greet him he remembered it so well in his dreams. Disappointment turned to arousal as the heady aroma of cinnamon settled into his brain. With his lips and tongue sucking at her nipples, his head buried against her chest he heard her heartbeat pick up the pace.

Like the last time, she pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. She stared down at him with hungry sparkling eyes. "I've been waiting for you too, Doc." She whispered. That was true; she had been waiting for him. She'd been elated when she saw him walk into the bar tonight. She tried hard not to show it but she immediately began coming up with ways to politely ditch the much younger man she'd been considering for her evening company. When Doc came over to the table and dismissed the other man as though he were nothing more than annoying fly, she was very turned on. Yes, she liked a man who knew when to be a man and take charge of the situation. Doc seemed like that type of a guy to her.
Rick's warm hands planted themselves on each of her hips and then slowly made their way up the curve of her supple back to the braid at the back of her head. Untying the ribbon keeping her hair in place, he ran his fingers through her dark fiery tresses until they was loose, wild and hanging free wisping about her face and breasts. It was much longer than he remembered it being this past summer, then it had only cascaded to her shoulder blades. Cupping her pretty face in his hands, he brought her down and in for a long kiss taking in the taste of her and the scent of cinnamon hanging heavy in the air.
The scent of Fall. Of crisp leaves, hot cider and warm apple pie. Of nights by the fire, glasses of wine and sweet kisses such as this.
Straddled over him, her hips slowly ground down on him making the crotch of faded jeans steamy. Lips and chests pressed together, skin to unfettered skin; she reached down between her own legs to undo the restrictive clothing he was still wearing. Before she could free him, Rick rolled her over onto her back and pinned her hands behind her head with one hand. She let out a deep sighing moan and her back arched off the bed.
He knew she liked it rough, question was- how rough? Getting a firm grip on her wrists, he picked them up as he reached into the drawer by the bed to produce the handcuffs. She didn't complain in the slightest when he harnessed her to the bed. Now his hands were free and she was secure.
From below him, in a heavy whisper she asked, "What are you doin', Doc?"
"Nothing you don't want me to, Rosie." Rick whispered back. With devilish delight, he put the key between her breasts so that she could see it but she couldn't get to it. Looking back at her it was clear to see that she was so hot right now she was almost glowing. Those limpid eyes sparkled with anticipation. Yes, this was the way she wanted it. However, chances were she didn't want it too rough. Like last time, just rough enough to let her know who was in control tonight. He was going to take as much delight as he possibly could in finding out just where she drew that line.
Over and over, in his dreams one thing haunted him more than anything else did, even more than those pale eyes and sweet sighs. He didn't get to indulge in it the last time they were here. Now that he had her in such a submissive position, and she was enjoying the hell out of it, he was going to indulge himself in that act from the tip of his nose, to his lips, his chin and by the end of it, hopefully he'd be soaked to chest with it. Slowly, he made his way down her naked body from neck to shoulder to nipple and further still. Hands and mouth roaming wherever he pleased, lingering as long as he wanted all while he listened to her sigh and took in the enthralling scent of her. Turns out Medical School is good for more than medical situations. An intimate knowledge of female anatomy did wonders outside of the hospital. In fact, he couldn't remember a class he enjoyed more and was hard-pressed to think of one that he'd put into practical use more often. Seemed she liked it too. There were so many subtle places to touch and taste a woman's body. So many places other men passed by without a single thought, but they didn't understand about nerve endings, pressure points, and endorphins. Hell, let's face it; most guys didn't know the difference between a moan of pleasure and a groan of pain.
Most guys were idiots.
He wasn't most guys.

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