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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review: At Cross Purposes by Ceres Blake!

Miss Frederica has been reminded her entire life of her less than spotless heritage. As the illegitimate daughter of a merchant’s daughter and a peer of the realm, she knows a grand marriage match will not be made for her. So it is with surprise and trepidation that her guardian marries her by proxy an unknown Baron from the north of England.

The Baron Radcliff is a man with a mysterious past and an even more mysterious purpose. Marriage to this unwanted daughter of a landed earl was simply for the furtherance of his plans. Romance had no place in this arrangement of necessity. What he never expected is that this necessary inconvenience would get into one scrape after another, capturing his attention and distracting him from his purpose. The Baron tells himself that disciplining his inconvenient bride is merely to ensure she doesn’t get in his way with her naughty antics. But he finds that what begins as discipline becomes decidedly erotic as Frederica stirs powerful emotions in his body and heart.

Can the mismatched pair find their way to passion and fulfillment, or will they forever be at Cross Purposes?

At Cross Purposes was a great delight to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The story was very well written. The author was able to capture me and completely suck me into the story. A good historical story transports you to that place in time and I experienced that with At Cross Purposes due to the obvious amounts of research that went into the time period the story is set in.

While there are some erotic elements, I did not feel that they overpowered the historical aspect of the story; It enhanced it instead. I am not usually a fan of erotic scenes, but I felt they worked really well in this novel and brought the characters together in a unique way.

The one thing I would love to have seen more of was chemistry between the two main characters outside of the bedroom. Their chemistry in the bedroom was explosive. I enjoyed both of the characters and the way they were so different from one another, yet similar in others. There is a great deal of character development, especially in the case of Frederica. She was a great narrator and I liked the tone she gave to the novel.

I will definitely be reading more by this author and am very much looking forward to picking up her books in the future. At Cross Purposes was on par with some of my favorite historical romance stories, so if you enjoy Historical Romance with a twist, definitely check this one out!

4/5 Stars

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