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Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Fracture by Ryan Mark!

The Earth is starting to recover from the destruction left behind by the tremors and Terrafall. William's life is settling and he has finally found a place where he feels he belongs. With the opportunity to flourish, the Haven Development has been able to secure the future of its lands and people, bringing forth a period of peace and stability. 

Yet something sinister quakes beneath the surface, hiding in the shadows, unknown to William and the Haven Development. Not a tremor, but a new enemy who threatens to tear apart everything William and his friends have fought so hard to protect. The peace is about to fracture...

Ryan Mark brings readers another wonderfully written and heart-stopping adventure with Fracture!

A book is only as good as its plot and characters and Ryan does a great job with both. I love how strong these characters are, despite being children stuck in such dire circumstances. Growing up in this world has caused them to grow up young, but I am glad they are still so positive and light-hearted after all they have endured. Tripp was a great addition to the story. I enjoyed the comedic relief he provided during the dark situations in the book, which was needed to keep the story from becoming too dark. Althea is such a badass. I love how feisty she is. She and William are so loyal, not only to each other, but to those they love. It adds such a deep and meaningful tone to their relationship.

The bad characters are written just as well. Enya is truly crazy and I loved seeing into that crazy mind, even if it scared me as much as it did William, Althea, and Tripp.

The plot itself is every bit as good as Tremor, if not better. Ryan is a fantastic storyteller, his words endlessly entertaining. Fracture is full of surprises, action and humor wrapped up in a delightful world fraught with all kinds of danger. It is unique and wonderfully creative. This adventure was such a pleasure to read! I still very much enjoy reading about William and co. and wish there were more books like this out there. Not only with a young man as the main character, but a profound story packed with meaning, emotion and great characters/relationships.

But the thing I enjoy most of all- in both Fracture and Tremor- is the overwhelming sense of hope. Not only for the world and characters in the Tremor Cycle, but for our own world as well.

I am very much looking forward to the next book and seeing what Ryan has in store for us. I am sure it is going to be amazing!


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