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Monday, May 7, 2012

Author interview and giveaway with Jaidis Shaw!

First off, can you tell everyone a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! My name is Jaidis Shaw. I’m just a quirky author who spends her days working as a Book Tour Coordinator for Nurture Your BOOKS™ and helping promote authors on my own blog Juniper Grove. I’m also a stay-at-home mom to a very energetic four-year-old daughter so it probably goes without saying that I stay busy. J

Tell us about your book Destiny Awaits. 
Destiny Awaits is my debut paranormal romance novel and I’m so excited to be able to share it finally! It follows the life of Alayna Scott who decides to move to the small town of Juniper Grove after the tragic accident that claimed the lives of her parents. After the move, she catches the eye of a vampire and through a series of events, is brought into a world that she never knew existed. Jayden, her super sexy neighbor and love interest, will risk everything to ensure her safety and make sure that she is the one by his side.

What inspired you to start writing Destiny Awaits? How long did it take you to write it?

I have always loved the written word and had played around with short stories for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until later in high school (2004) that I turned to writing as a way to escape and I knew that I wanted to try my hand at a book. That was when the inspiration began for Destiny Awaits. The story was moving along well when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I put my writing on hold. I only recently started writing again within the past year or so. Of course by the time I got back to Destiny Awaits, it had been so long that I did a total rewrite so I guess you could say that I wrote it in about a year. J

How many books will be in the series? Do you have any other books planned that you'd like to write? 

I am not sure exactly how many books will be in the Juniper Grove Chronicles series. I am aiming to have at least three books in the series. I have the series set up so that each book is stand-alone and follows a different set of characters so you wouldn’t have to read book one before book two. However, those of you who do read Destiny Awaits will meet the main female lead in book two which I have already outlined and began working on.

Are any of the characters from Destiny Awaits a lot like you, or were they based on someone else?

I wouldn’t say that she is a lot like me but Alayna and I do share a few traits such as our love of water. We can also both be sarcastic at times, even when we know that we probably shouldn’t be.

What are you currently working on?

I have begun work on a new paranormal suspense/thriller series that I am super excited about! It will be for a more mature audience because it will contain a few elements that aren’t suitable for YA. Book one is tentatively titled The Stager and it follows the life of an assassin who uses her special ability to get revenge.

I don’t want to give too many details away yet but you can rest assured that it will keep you on the edge of your seat...or at least I hope it will! It will also be one of those books that keep you guessing until the very end.

Do you listen to music while you write? Do you have playlists for your books?

I do listen to music because I do most of my writing late at night and I’m so used to the sounds of my daughter playing during the day that the silence at night is creepy. Plus, I find that the right song can set the mood for key scenes.

I don’t have specific playlists though. I usually just turn on Pandora and if a song comes on that doesn’t fit the scene I’m writing I just skip it. Nothing can kill a scene faster than the wrong music.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way?

There are several people who have influenced my writing. I have several author friends who are always happy to offer me advice and allow me to run my ideas by them. My family has also been very supportive.

What is the best and worst part about being an author?

Hmm…that’s a good question. I think one of the best things about being an author is that we get to create a world that we can share with others. Plus, as an author, we are never really alone because there are always characters talking to us.

On the other hand, being an author is a job and in my opinion, needs to be thought of that way. You can create an amazing story but you still aren’t done because you have to find the time to network, promote and market your book so that people will learn about it and want to read it.

Are there any specific things you have to have while you write?

When I’m writing, the only things I usually have with me is the binder that I created for the story I’m working on and a cold glass of water.

Do you have a certain place/time you write?

During the week I always have my story pulled up so that if I get a break at work I can add a few lines. I do the bulk of my writing on the weekends because my husband is home and can help watch our daughter so that I can focus on my story. As for a place, I do all my writing in my office since I work from home as well.

What do you do when you're not writing?

When I’m not writing I am either working, promoting, updating my blog, cleaning the house or playing with my daughter. I’m always on the go so I don’t get a lot of down time.

Do you read all the reviews about your books? 

Since this is my debut novel I will read all of the reviews. At the time of writing this, there have been three reviews posted for Destiny Awaits from those who I allowed to read the book before it was published. As more reviews come in, I will read them because I am always looking for honest reviews to help me better myself and my writing.

What is the nicest thing a fan has ever done or said?

Do I even have any fans? I think I am best known for my promotion work and not really for my own writing yet, which I hope to change. J

Tell us about your journey to get published?

It has been super exciting! I decided to self-publish because I felt it was the right choice for me and thankfully I have several friends who have offered me advice and helped me along the way. I will probably self-publish my future books as well, though if a publisher ever came to me and wanted to pick up my book I would be more than willing to consider the offer.

Do you read? Who is your favorite author?
Of course I read! An author who doesn’t read shouldn’t write.

I would have to say my favorite author is Jean M. Auel. If you haven’t read her Earth’s Children series…you should!

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors like myself?

If you want to be an author you need to read, especially in the genre that you want to write in. Also, don’t rush to get your book published and skip things like professional editing. Don’t put out a product that you aren’t 100% proud of.

Where can fans find you?

I can be found at the following places:

Juniper Grove:

Anything else you like to tell everyone?

Thank you so much for reading this interview! Authors would be nothing without amazing readers like you. Also, if you have read a book lately that you have enjoyed, please consider taking a moment to leave a review for the author to let them know.

Thank you Kristina for allowing me to visit your blog today! I had so much fun with this interview!!

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you! :)



Twenty-year-old Alayna Scott receives visions around water, but even her foresight couldn’t prepare her for the tragic accident that claimed the lives of her parents. With everything she loves gone, Alayna packs up and moves to the small town of Juniper Grove in hopes of starting over.

Jayden McKnight can’t explain the attraction that he feels whenever Alayna is near, but he does know that he will do whatever it takes to win her heart. When a vampire selects Alayna as his next victim, Jayden will stop at nothing to ensure her safety – even if that means bringing Alayna into a world that she never knew existed.

Love blossoms, challenges are made and Alayna will find herself fighting not only to survive, but to understand what she has become.

Author Bio:
Jaidis Shaw currently resides in a small town located in South Carolina with her husband and her beautiful daughter. With a passion for reading, Jaidis can always be found surrounded by books and dreaming of new stories. She enjoys challenging herself by writing in different genres and currently has several projects in the works.
When not reading or writing, Jaidis fills the position of Book Tour Coordinator for Nurture Your Books™, maintains the Juniper Grove blog and loves encouraging her daughter to let her imagination run wild.

Purchase Link:

**One lucky commenter will win either a PDF or MOBI copy of Destiny Awaits! Please leave your email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner!**

Happy Reading!


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