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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Legend of the Inero Dragon by J.F Jenkins review!

Twin brothers Jason and Matthias Inero are the favorite sons of the great dragon lord of fire. More often than not they get whatever they want. Matt wants to do great things for his people while Jason wants to go off and explore the world. Both can have what they desire, but not until they take a bride and enter into adulthood.

Enter Kat and Gwen, two girls from very different backgrounds. Kat is happy to leave her home when the royal guard comes to bring her to loving arms of her childhood sweetheart, Matt. Gwen on the other hand is livid to be taken from her farm only to be thrust into Jason's life, and he's not to thrilled with the idea either. They have one year to find happiness with each other, or else they will be placed at the mercy of the ruthless dragon lord Lynx. Favorite or not, dragon law must be obeyed.

As their nation begins to prepare for war against a neighboring tribe, the brothers find themselves as key components in the battle plans. A dark prophet has had a vision of Inero victory, but at what cost? Both must decide where their loyalties lie and what they're willing to sacrifice – including each other – to achieve their goals.

My Review:

Legend of the Oceina Dragon was one of my favorite books of 2011, so I was anxious to get my hands on this one. 

Legend of the Inero Dragon takes place at the same time book one does. It was fascinating to see the other end of things. The Inero Dragons are much different from any of the other nations. They do not fly, are smaller, and they are very aggressive and tricky. J.F did a wonderful job of expanding the reader's view of the different nations in this book. The character and world development is nice and never felt boring or slow. The story has equal parts romance and action. I just love the way Ms. Jenkins writes. I feel like I slip into the story and am watching everything actually happen. Third person really allows the reader to slip into each of the character's minds, allowing us to understand why decisions are made.

In book 2 we meet the Inero twins, Jason and Matt. They are complete opposites. I found myself slowly falling in love with Jason. Certain events has me questioning if I will like him in book three. They pick their brides through the Elite. That's a really interesting part of the story. Watching the two couples grow and change was a big part of the story as well as prophecy. I believe big things will come to pass in book three.

Lynx, the boy's father, is hard to figure out. It's unclear if he really does care for his sons, or if he is just using them as pawns for his schemes. It seems like everyone is being manipulated by him. Navi, his current wife, and Chris, her bodyguard, are great additions to the plot. Kat was slightly annoying, but I loved Gwen. I really do hope her and Jason will prevail!

This book was very good, not as good as book one, but still a great installment to the series. There was a lot going on, and I think is the partial calm before the storm.

This book was a fast read and really set the way for book three. It released today, so I'm very excited that I do not have to wait to find out what happens to all of these characters that I've grown so attached to. I encourage readers to pick it up if they liked book one, and if you have no read book one, I recommend it! I love this series because it is a breath of fresh air. It's a unique paranormal romance that has a wonderful new world, full of dragons, war, and love!


Happy Reading!

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