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Friday, October 19, 2012

Power of the Moon Blog Tour: Interview with Mia!

Hi, Mia. I know you have a busy schedule so thanks for joining us.

Mia: You’re welcome, I’m glad to be here.

I recently read an interview with your love interest, Cole. He seems very smitten with you. What do you say to that since you fight him so much?

Mia: I’d say I’m a very lucky woman and he deserves better.

Oh, my---

Cole: Excuse the interruption. *glares at Mia* I deserve you.

Mia: What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be… resting.

Cole: *slides hand down Mia’s arm and threads his fingers through hers* I wanted to be with you.

Mia: I don’t need you to watch over me every second of the day… I mean night.

Cole: Yes you do. *grins*

Mia: Damit, Cole… this is my interview.

Cole: So, continue.

Mia: I--

*clears throat* I can ask you both questions.

Cole: No. I’m just observing.

Okay. So, Mia… how did people like Russell, shape your life?

Mia: Um…

Cole:  *squeezes Mia’s hand* Slow your pulse, my love.

Mia: You really piss me off sometimes.

Cole: I know. *tilts head and locks into her gaze*

Mia: Don’t look at me like that.

Cole: Like what?

Mia: Cole! How am I supposed to slow my pulse if you’re looking at me like you want to eat me. I can’t even answer her damn question, now stop.

Cole: I do want to eat you, that shouldn’t be a question. Now, answer the lady so we can get out of here and I can do just that.

Mia: *blushes* I can’t believe you just said that in front of her. *looks at Kristina* I’m sorry. Your question was?

Russell… shape your life?

Mia: Oh, yeah. People like Russell … are just mean. Being teased all my life has had an effect on me. In some ways I think it’s made me stronger and in others vulnerable, maybe. I don’t do people. I don’t trust anyone…

Cole: That’s for sure.

Do you think it’s caused you to be so indecisive about Cole?

Mia: Wow… you’re not holding back with tough questions and here I thought this was supposed to be a fluff piece. I think people shouldn’t be so judgmental. I have… issues. More than you know. *squeezes Cole’s hand* And, as much as I love Cole, he also scares the shit out of me. Trust me… you don’t want to see him go full vamp.

Do you think you’re whiny?

Cole: *leans forward* I’ll answer that. I’m 163 years old. I’ve known many whiny women. Mia, isn’t one of them. *strokes a finger over Mia’s hand*

I love how you protect her.

Cole: I’ll always protect her, even if it kills me.

Mia: Ditto *winks at Cole*

That’s going to wrap it up… Thank you both for joining us. Especially you, Detective Barnett.

Mia: *glares* Careful who you flirt with…


Tina Carreriro

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