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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cover Reveal: High Pressure by Morgan Kearns!

High Pressure
Book 2.5 in Morgan Kearns' Deadlines and Diamonds series!

Meteorologist Molly Mae Milligan would much rather be known for her brains. Her blond hair, blue eyes, and killer body only lead to more problems than she can count. 
As far as Detective Colton Jacobs is concerned beautiful women mean only one thing. Trouble. And he’s not interested. Until he meets the gorgeous meteorologist with her carefree attitude, sweet naivete and amazing laugh.
But there are dangerous shadows lurking behind her breathtaking smile. While emotions grow, tensions build until HIGH PRESSURE threatens to tear them apart.

Release date:
Spring 2013

Cover artist: 
Anya Kellye!

Facebook page:

I highly recommend this series! Pick them up if you have not already!
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Happy Reading!

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