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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Beyond the Books Blog Tour: Hobbies Outside of Reading!

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What's my favorite thing to do when not reading a good book? The answer is closely related to reading actually. One of the things I like most about reading is being able to escape and discover new things.

I love to travel! At 21, I have some pretty cool places under my traveling belt, and funny enough, all my trips have been in the past four years and I've never taken a trip with my parents and/or brother.

The last place I visited was one I had wanted to visit my entire life:

New York City! The Big Apple! I was in NYC for four days at the beginning of October and got to see most of its most memorable destinations.

The trip I took before New York was to Arizona for a Romance Reader event. Sadly, I don't have any good pictures of the area, but the mountains were beautiful as we drove from the Pheonix airport to our destination.

The very first trip, and my biggest one, was during the summer of '09. I had just graduated high school and instead of getting money or some other type of gift from my parents, I got to go with my best friend and her mother on an amazing trip to England, Whales and Ireland.

One of the coolest places I got to visit while in England (sadly, I did not get to go to Stonehenge like I wanted to) was Shakespeare's birthplace. That's me in the garden outside the house. I also got to see where he lived when he was married.

My favorite part of this trip, besides Shakespeare, was all the castles we got to tour! This is one in Ireland.

Our hotel in Whales

In Ireland
On a mountain side in Ireland

I have two trips scheduled this summer. I'm going back to Arizona for Arizona Dreamin' and in August I'll be visiting Las Vegas, Nevada for several days! Other places I'd like to see in the future are: Paris, Rome, Greece, and many more!

*Fun fact: Though I love to travel, I'm not a big fan of planes.

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Happy Reading!

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