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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Tour: Elixxir by Deena Remiel!

Synopsis:Callie has secrets, too many to count.
For twenty years she’s been living a lie as Callie Worthington, hiding from the monsters who brutally murdered her parents for possession of the Elixxir of Life. Unsuccessful before, their killers have found her and will stop at nothing to acquire the Elixxir. And see her dead.
Nathanael has a couple of secrets, too. A nasty one in particular blurs the line separating Good from Evil. As an immortal Brethren Warrior, though, he must retrieve the Elixxir before it falls into the wrong hands. Just how he’s going to get it out of Callie’s is the big question.
Tempers flare as Callie and Nathanael reach out to each other with their own hidden agendas. She needs his protection. He needs the Elixxir. Will their fiery passion lead to lasting love, or will their web of intrigue ultimately destroy them both?
Secrets, lies, and love’s loyalties tested. What price for immortality? What price for love?

A Match Made in Heaven?
It didn’t take an online dating service or going to bars for Nathanael and Callie to make a connection. No, it was more like divine intervention! Ironically, the pair needed interventions of their own. Yes, my hero and heroine have major issues to contend with. Yes, they are extremely complicated. And yes, the fates have decided they should be put in highly charged, emotional situations for an extended period of time!
Ever see two alphas in the same room? Yeah, me, too, and I think you’d agree it can be quite explosive.  Usually we see two males sparring with words or fists. At some point, one of them must back down. So what happens when one of the alphas in the room is a female? The very same thing. With Nate and Callie, it’s a fiery, passionate tussle to see who winds up on top.

What the hell was that all about? Did he do what I think he did? Damn. The man just came on to me! Anger warred with arousal as she tore the tags off her new clothes and collected her things from the bench. She whipped the curtain open and stormed out toward the cashier’s counter where the insufferable oaf leaned nonchalantly.
She gave the tags to the salesgirl, smiled, and turned to him, speaking in a hushed but intense voice. “You and I are gonna have words when I’m done here.” She heard him snort as she turned back to the girl and smiled, paying for her clothes, but paying him no mind. Grabbing the plastic bag with her own shorts and top inside, she marched past Nathanael and out the door.
“Have a great night!” an oblivious saleswoman called out to her. She waved her off with a grunt and a “Whatever.”
She watched as the overly-confident Neanderthal sauntered out of the store and headed straight over to her. Even though they were outside, he seemed to take up all the usable space in the immediate vicinity.
“You got words for me, Red?”
“I got plenty for you, Nate.” She poked his chest, trying to push him back a bit. “Wanna hear some? How about, you’re a jerk for walking into my dressing room without permission? How about, what the hell was that back there, asking my dress size and calling me sexy as hell? How about—”
Her next words were gobbled up by a hot, urgent mouth pressed against her own. Strong hands held her shoulders, guiding her closer to his body as he deepened his assault on her lips. At first, she didn’t know what to do. He’d shocked the hell out of her with his aggression. She couldn’t help noticing some of her protective walls had been torn asunder, and well-guarded ramparts were crumbling. Eyes that at first had flown open wide were now fluttering closed as her mind claimed temporary insanity.


Elixxir is a captivatingly beautiful and tragic love story that will capture your heart and set your soul on fire.

Deena Remiel once again creates a powerful tale full of love, romance, mystery and all things paranormal. However, this story is different from the others in the series. Deena always does something unique in all her books, but this time she takes it a step farther. She deals with a very real problem in a very special way. This problem really brings home the tragic aspect of the story, and really has us rooting for the characters even more than we already would.

This book is the best yet in the Brethren series and I am anxious to see what Deena comes up with next!



  1. Thank you so much for hosting and reviewing Elixxir, Kristina! I'm so glad you felt this way about Nate's story. It's my fave so far, too. ;)

  2. OMG! Look at that cover - I love it :) I'm going to have to read this book!