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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Tremor by Ryan Mark!

The life William knew has gone. His world has been left devastated by the Fossil War. All major governments have been wiped out and the land is now under the control of the company Terrafall. Although Terrafall's intentions seem honest, William wonders if the company will live up to its promises and stop the tremors, which have been plaguing the Earth since the end of the war. And can Terrafall really find out who is behind the recent wave of abductions? 
When someone close to William disappears, he decides it's time to take matters into his own hands. But in a land that is on the verge of tearing itself apart, is it a life worth fighting for? If your world was falling apart, how far would YOU go to save it?

This debut novel is brilliant.

Ryan Mark has written a book that is both wonderfully written and refreshing. It holds the essence of other popular books in this genre, while having its own unique story and standing out among those other books. I loved the fact that the book's main character is a young boy that has to grow up while the world is crumbling around him. (I don't read many books with male protagonists, but this book made me want to start reading more.)  William is a complex character on a journey to save someone he loves and I enjoyed every minute of it!

This book has both a great plot and great characters. Tremor is action packed, emotional, and a bit inspirational. There is great world building that sets up for what I believe will be an amazing series. There is a great cast of characters as well. (Althea and Ori were my favorites besides Will!) You can't help but root for them to succeed in beating down the evil they are up against! 

If you enjoy well written post-apocalyptic/dystopian stories with great characters on an epic journey to save the world from evil, definitely check this one out!

I am eagerly awaiting Tremor's sequel!


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