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Monday, January 16, 2017

Review: The Darker side of Cane by Lacey Alpha!

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What's your darkest desire? 
Rough and ready Jonah Cane specialises in fulfilling women's sexual fantasies but how will he act when a virgin walks through his door? 
When intern Evelyn Ash is assigned to write an article for Missy Magazine, she has no idea what's in store for her. Tasked with accepting three dates a week from an online dating site, Evelyn is approached by a mysterious, faceless profile. For the sake of her article, she accepts a date upon which she is whisked away to a country mansion where a masked man awaits her... 
As a steamy, sexual fantasy-driven affair unfolds, Evelyn begins to fall for the unpredictable and alluring Jonah Cane. But how will she act when she discovers Jonah's darkest fantasy? And does she love him enough to go through with it? 

The Darker Side of Cane is Fifty Shades meets James Bond! 
Treat yourself to this toe-curling romance and step into the dark sexual fantasies of alpha male, Jonah Cane... 

Lacey Alpha writes steamy happily ever after romances about kickass alpha males that will break your bed before they break your heart. 

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I always look forward to reading new authors and the synopsis sounded for this novel sounded interesting, so I was eager to jump into this one. This novel was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. I finished it quickly and after reading the cliffhanger, I feel compelled to see what happens next in their story.

I really enjoyed the magazine/three date story line. It was easy to connect to Evelyn as she ventures into the online dating world. It was refreshing how realistic this section of the book is. I also enjoyed that the story is set in London; it’s not often that I read books that take place outside of the US, so the location change was much welcome. 

As a whole, I really enjoyed Evie’s character. It was nice to read a book about a young, naive virgin type where she is goal driven and actually has a backbone. You can’t help but feel for her towards the end of the story. The emotional aspects of the novel are well done. I also enjoyed the side characters (her coworkers) and wouldn’t mind reading a story about them. They provide a bit of comedy to the story that is necessary to break up some of the darker moments. 

While I loved Evelyn, I struggled to like Cane for a good chunk of the story. A lot of the things he did creeped me out a little bit. Though I will say there is a twist at the end of the story that intrigued me quite a bit. He is definitely an alpha male and a mysterious character. The little bit of mystery as to who he really is was a nice touch. I believe there is a lot more to him than readers get to see in this novel. 

The romance/sexy scenes are prominent parts of the story. Some of these scenes are not for the faint of heart. This aspect of the story was a little bit much for me at times. I think readers who enjoy darker erotic romances would really like this story. With that being said, everything is consensual. I do think that sometimes the characters had good chemistry and you can’t help but root for them at the end.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a dark erotic romance complete with a mysterious alpha male.

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