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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guest post with Deena Remiel

Happy Saturday, Book Lovers! Today I have author Deena Remiel on my blog! Enjoy her post about her short story Ghost of a Chance!

TOP 5 Reasons to Love a Ghost:
5) He doesn't have to hide in the closet when your roomie comes home!
4) You can get into movies with 1 ticket!
3) Don't have to feed him or clothe him!
2) Hide and seek sex games take on a whole new meaning AND level of fun!
1) Tortured souls are just DAMNED SEXY!

Excerpt from Ghost of a Chance:

“Will you join me over here or shall I join you in the mysterious shadows?”
“You’re lovely over there. Stay. The way the light plays against your hair and sparkles in your eyes, well…you’re breathtaking, Susannah.”
Rendered speechless by his intensity, she stood as still as the statue they spoke of, and… blushed. Her cheeks were on fire! Get a grip, Susannah! “Thank you. I….I, heck.” She blew out a breath and started again. “Come over here so we can sit and get better acquainted.”
He still didn’t move. Is he so shy that he hides behind trees and in shadows?
“Do you think I’ll get to see you before the night is over?” She heard a soft chuckle. Good, maybe a little humor will loosen him up.
“Perhaps. I’m a bit nervous, as you can no doubt tell. I haven’t had any success with this kind of thing before.”
She took a step toward him—she would have to be the aggressor. “Neither have I, and I’m a little nervous, too.”
“You mentioned in your bio you were interested in a magical experience. One that would ‘sweep you away’.” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat.
“Yes, I am.” She inched closer to the frozen, outlined figure.
“Before you take another step, you should know I’m different.”
“I read in the New York Times that you became reclusive about ten years ago. You’ve taken great strides toward ending that by being here now.”
“There’s a reason why I keep to myself. It may startle you, so be prepared. I am very much on the magical side of this world at the moment.”
Before she could move, he did, which brought him out of the shadows and into the light. Susannah gasped, startled at the transparency of the man who stood before her. Nervous laughter bubbled in her throat.
“What is this, some kind of joke? A holographic image projected here while you hide safe and secure in your room?”
“I’m afraid not. I’ve been living an alternative lifestyle lately.” He opened his arms as if to show himself off and let them fall back to his sides. “And this is all I am. I’m a ghost of a man, Susannah.”
     "Holy shit!" She stumbled back and fell onto the fountain’s ledge. He raced to her side to help, but his hands went right through her. Susannah screamed and scrambled to the opening leading to the main thoroughfare of the resort.
     "Susannah! Wait! Please, let me explain! I haven’t always been this way…."
~Deena Remiel

Happy Reading!


  1. Love the Excerpt. Love Deena. She is great.

  2. Oh I'm already hooked! I finished Trinity early this morning. Loved it. I'm so glad you shared it with me, Kristina. Deena, I can't wait to read more from you!
    Shelley (Bella)

  3. Kristina, thank you so much for having me here today! I always love to visit with you and appreciate your support! Pimpin' Reads, I love you, too! And BellaBunnell, I'm thrilled you loved Trinity and can't wait to give you MORE! :D
    Hugs and snugs to you all!