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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reasons why YOU should read Creatura by Nely Cab!

Today on the blog I have two wonderful ladies helping me show some love for a book we've all read and loved! We want to share with you the reasons we think you should read it! Please help me welcome my dear friends Kathryn and Shelley from Tsk Tsk What To Read!

When seventeen year-old Isis Martin is having trouble sleeping due to perturbing dreams of a horrific growling beast, she decidesto confront her fear. But what Isis discovers is something other than a menacing entity.The human-like creature offers Isis assurance that he is not a figmentof her imagination. Unwilling to accept his avowal, Isis sets his wordsto contest by asking the entity to prove himself - a dare, he readily welcomes.It is in her dreams that Isis innocently stumbles upon the silent existence of the divine lineage of those that man has long forgotten.In a quaint town, deep in south Texas, this story leads Isis onto the path of impermissible love and captivating life-changing truths. Isis Martin's journey is sure to leave any reader ravenous for more.

Reasons why YOU should read Creatura by Nely Cab!

Kathryn's Reasons:

•One of the most beautifully enchanted books of 2012

•Eloquently written in which the words flow off the page and are stamped on your soul 

•The most mesmerizing man, David, that will capture your heart with his piercing devotion, 

unyielding love, and passionate prose...

•To a new heroine, Isis, that is strong yet compassionate, stubborn yet understanding....

•A twist to the mythological legends that will entrance you...

Shelley's Reasons:

1. It's beautiful; from the original artwork by Nely on the cover to the lovely fonts, the lryical script of Isis' diary and David's prose, the sultry pace that drives you to the end. It's just beautiful. 

2. The mythology; rich, evocative, it's the history lesson you missed or wish you'd been given and then some. It's colorful and complicated. 

3. A STRONG, smart, thoughtful and believable heroine. Isis is the girl you wish you could be. She faces life head on and doesn't back down from her convictions. She's not perfect. She a frightened girl detemined to find a solution to her problems who finds love along the way.

4. A dream of a hero. A literal dream. David is not what you'd expect and everything you want. 

5. It's classic story of finding yourself, your true love and the meaning of life...with a Nely twist. Nothing worth having is easily gotten. And you have to fight for what you believe in.

Kristina's (my) Reasons:

1.)   Creatura is a book that has not only been loved by us, but by many! Out of 125 ratings on Goodreads, 77 are 5-star and 24 are 4-star! Its overall rating is 4.34!
2.)   Creatura is a magnificent tale of true love that will capture your heart and take your breath away! It is also a novel that shows the importance of friendship and family.
3.)   The writing is powerful, lyrical, and truly sets this book apart from others! Nely has a distinct and unique voice that I look forward to reading lots more from!
4.)   The story is a fantastic blend of mythology, swoon worthy romance, characters that you will love and hate, and heart pounding action with a wicked cliff hanger ending.
5.)   David. David, the beloved hero of the story, is every girls dream. He is romantic, protective, strong, smart, and won over my heart by just speaking.

Here is the link to Nely's website:

I encourage you to pick up this book and to friend/follow Nely on Facebook and Twitter! She  loves to chat with her fans, andholds some amazing giveaways!

Happy Reading!

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