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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sexy Valentine's Day character interview with Micah, Nix, and Madison from Pandora's Box/Hell's Phoenix!

As much as I hate to say it, Happy Valentine's Day, KB&M fans! Today I'm sharing my favorite interview I've ever done! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Kristina: *crosses legs and straightens hair* Welcome to the blog, Madison, Micah, and Nix. First off, let me say that I am honored to have you on the blog for the holiday I despise! Secondly, I apologize in advance for some of the upcoming questions. *winks* How have all of you been and what have you been up to?

Nix: Glad to be here. I like those boots. *flashes dimples* Have you kicked any demon ass with them yet? Wanna help me kick some demon ass?

Micah: Never apologize, sweetheart. *winks* Nix, as for you and Kristina kicking demon ass…I predict it’ll end in more like you tapping that ass.

Madison: Micah! *backhand to his chest* Ahem…thanks, Kristina, for having us. *tosses hair over her shoulder* It's been crazy-wild with my rescue mission to save Nix from Hell. 

Micah: Nix did not need saving. 

Madison: *tosses him a sharp glance* Beg to differ there, Micah. *turns to Kristina* Nix wanted saving like a drug addict wanted forced rehab, but you know how stubborn I can be.

Nix: Mads, I thought a southern lady never confessed to the unladylike stubborn trait. *winks* 

Madison: Getting Nix out of Hell went as predictable as a southern winter. *grins* Up and down and never what you expect.

Nix: *chuckles*

Micah: Terrible analogy. *shakes his head* Nix made a mighty fine demon. 

Kristina: Thank you, Nix. I do love my boots. Sounds like y'all have been going through a lot. Can I offer y'all any refreshments?

Madison: No, thank you. 

Nix: *holds up bottle of water* I'm good.

Micah: Whiskey. Neat. 

Kristina: What is your ideal Valentines Day? 

Madison: I usually let Amos decide what we do that day. Sometimes we go to an amusement park. Been ice skating a time or two. Shopping for something he’s been wanting. We always end up at his choice of restaurant. He drew me a Valentine’s Card last year. Best gift I’ve ever received.

Nix: If I'm lucky...*peeks at Mads* Nevermind.

Micah: *chuckles* I’ll finish Nix’s comment for him, if he’s lucky, he’s getting lucky. *winks*

Madison: *shakes head*

Micah: My ideal Valentines were the ones I shared with Madison. Nights filled with romance. A lot of dancing...

Madison: I always did like the dancing.

Micah: Holding her in my arms on the dance floor made the evening special regardless how it ended. 

Kristina:  Where's the weirdest spot you've had or want to do the dirty deed. *leans in close* Feel free to be as descriptive as you like. *cheeky grin*

Madison: *flushes and pats her burning cheeks* I believe that question is for you, Nix.

Nix: *wicked grin* Sweetheart, whatever you can imagine, I've been in that weird spot. I'd have to say in a wheelbarrow is the weirdest. True story. It was a little awkward at first—

Micah: Wait! *holds hand up* A wheelbarrow, Phoenix? How the hell did you end up in a gardening device?

Nix: Well, Alessa kissed me and the wheelbarrow seemed like a fantastic spot to rest in until we could take it elsewhere. We just never took it elsewhere. *laughs* Don’t knock it till you try, demon king. It worked...until it fell on its side and we tumbled into fertilizer. *wipes the grin off his face with his palm* In hindsight, we should've picked a better spot. We smelled rank, but dayum...Alessa always knew how to have a good time. Your turn demon king.

Micah: A wheelbarrow is not a spot of my choosing. *peers at Kristina* One might think Hell with a succubus or other demonic spawn is a weird spot. It is my favorite locale to do the dirty deed. *grins* I can’t wait to take Madison there.

Madison: *rolls eyes* Keep dreaming.

Kristina: Whipped cream or chocolate?

Madison: Chocolate.

Micah: Both.

Nix: I agree with Micah on this one. *slow, crooked smile that exposes one dimple* Definitely both.  

Kristina: Okay, Nix and Micah, boxers, briefs, or commando? *winks* And then I guess it's only fair if Madison tells us what kind she wears too.

Micah and Nix: *laugh*

Nix: Commando.

Madison: Oh, Lord…that’s a bit personal. And TMI, Nix.

Micah: Boxer briefs or commando. Depends on my mood. *runs his fingertip along Madison’s knuckles* What’cha wearing right now, kitten.

Madison: Micah…*refuses to meet his gaze* Gawd, that’s none of your business.

Nix: Play along, Mads.

Micah: You’re always telling us to play along in other interviews. *pinches her chin between finger and thumb and turns her head so he can look into her eyes* Lace, silk or cotton?

Madison: *swallows* Lace.

Micah: You never used to wear granny panties, so…bikini or thong?

Madison: Bikini.

Micah: Color?

Madison: *licks her lips* Red.

Micah: Mmm…*fiery gleam hits his eyes* I can imagine how sexy you look in them.

Nix: *groans* Me, too.

Kristina: Rough sex or slow lovemaking? *blushes* 

Madison: *joins the blushing* Taking myself out of that question because we all know my stance on sex. *raises eyebrows at Micah*

Micah: That’ll change, kitten. *blows her a kiss* Again…both. They’re equally fun, depending on the mood and the sex partner. I’m thinking Madison will need a lot of slow lovemaking to change her opinion of sex. I’m eager to teach her.

Madison: *snorts* Nix’s turn.

Nix: *voice deepens* Oh, yeah, both. Sometimes rough turns into slow. Other times slow is so good, I can’t help but get a little rough. Trust me, picking one over the other is impossible.

Kristina: Madison, what is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift that was not from Amos?

Madison: *a nervous glance in Micah’s direction* A heart-shaped locket Micah gave me. On the inside are his and Amos’s pictures.

Micah: *a pleased grin as his fingers wisp across his bottom lip* Do you remember what I had inscribed on the back of it?

Madison: Yes. *fiddles with her fingers in her lap* Be mine for eternity. I thought it romantic at the time. Knowing what I know now, the inscription holds a much different meaning.

Kristina: What do you each find most attractive about the opposite sex?

Madison: Dependability. Or if you’re referring to looks, I’m a sucker for kissable lips…and dimples. Never knew until recently dimples could be so…sexy.

Nix: *grins and points to his dimples*

Madison: *blushes*

Micah: Everything. *crosses ankle over knee* It’s the total package that makes up the beauty, not just one thing. But I’ve discovered that stubbornness to defy one’s destiny is very appealing.

Nix: I’m typically a boobs and butt man. But with Mads, those weren’t the first things I found attractive. *shakes head* No, it was her bravery that charmed me first.

Kristina: Well, that looks like all the time we have today. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us.

Micah: *inclines his head* Anytime, sweetheart.

Nix: I enjoyed it.

Madison: It was my pleasure.


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Thanks for having Micah, Madison and Nix with you today, Kristina!


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    Loved it! Thanks guys! :)

  2. Great interview girl!!! LOVED IT!!
    Loved hearing more about the boys and Mads!! ;)

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  4. Haha! I can just imagine y'all trying to figure out the logistics of the wheelbarrow. Think Nix on bottom and Alessa on top. ;-)


  5. hi Kristina and Gracen as always loving the character interviews! so if i'm the only one to leave my email addy does that mean i win them all ~jk~ i would choose the "i gave my <3 to Nix of course. now i'm off to get my review of HP done for my own blog tty gals later.

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    Thanks to ALL of you for supporting me on the Road to Hell. Each of you ROCK and I love you dearly. Thanks Kristina for the awesome and fun interview!