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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eternal Hunger by Laura Wright review!


A dark and sexy debut paranormal romance

In the dark, fear and desire are one... 

Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with those of his vampire breed. Fate places him at the door of Dr. Sara Donohue, who is dedicated to removing patients' traumatic memories. But as their world's collide, Sara and Alexander are bound by something even stronger as one becomes hunter and the other, prey. And Sara's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final-and most unimaginable-desire of her life.

My Review:

Vampires are far from over!

Eternal Hunger is the first book of the Mark of the Vampire series. It's also Laura's debut novel! I'd heard a lot about this series from numerous bloggers and paranormal romance fans. I was thrilled to receive a copy to review! Thank you to the author for providing the copy!

Eternal Hunger was a very good book. The Roman brothers are so intriguing and I liked all three of them. I'm excited to continue the series and find out more about the other two boys! Alexander is the eldest brother. He's mysterious, possessive, and sexy. EH is about him and Doctor Sara Donahue. Sara and Alexander have great chemistry. Alexander struggles with his attraction to Sara, and I felt that it really spiked the passion between the two. Some of the scenes practically sizzle! Dillon is another great character in the story. Heck, Mrs. Wright does a fabulous job with all of her characters. I do wish that I would have had a little more background information about them though.

The book has a lot of unique terms throughout which makes the story different and very interesting. I really wish a glossary would have been included at the end, but if you pay attention you should be able to remember what most of them mean. I really like Laura's writing style. The story flows really well. The ending is a slight cliffhanger that had me eager to know what will happen to Nicholas!

I need to pick up book two ASAP! :)

I recommend this book to any paranormal romance fan that has a soft spot for vampires, especially JR Ward fans. This series could be something you check out while waiting for her next book to come out!

4.5 /5

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  1. Dear Kristina,
    Very good and thoroughly enjoyable reviews. You have gotten my very interested in the books! Thanks, Emily