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Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Out of Left Field by Morgan Kearns!

Strike One

Xavier is a jerk with a capital A.S.S. and he offers no apologies. If a woman is willing to give, he’ll gladly take, walking away without a backward glance. He’s not looking for commitment and the only diamond he’s interested in has three bases and a home plate.

Strike Two

Dr. Frances Holden knows all about fixing broken bones and taming arrogant athletes. As the Team Doctor for the Las Vegas Rockets she deals with stubborn ballplayers every day. But nobody is more stubborn than Left Fielder Matthias Xavier III.

Strike Three

When a shoulder injury takes Xavier out of the game, it’s Frankie’s job to get him back on the diamond. His rehab turns out to be more than either of them bargained for, and when she promises to help him face his scarred past, neither of them are prepared for the fireworks that come Out of Left Field and threaten to scorch them both.

My Review:

Morgan Kearns hit it out of the park with Out of Left Field! It's a grand slam of pure awesome!

That's right! After two wonderful books, Morgan has been able to top them. While I adored Rich and Grayson, I think I can honestly say that I'm a Xavier girl. (I love him!)I knew after the few glimpses of him we saw in In It To Win It that his book would be good. Really good. Xavier did not disappoint. He's an strong, sexy Alpha male with a vulnerable side, wounded not only by his hurt shoulder, but things from his past. My heart ached for him throughout the novel. He's charming, funny, and wears those hot baseball pants. What's not to love? The fact that Jimmy's on the cover is just icing on the cake. Add a beautiful and tough as nails doctor who is both patient and able to put up with X's attitude and you've got one hell of a couple. Literally! Matthias Xavier is flammable! He'll set your heart on fire!

There is a lot more humor in this book, which is just great! I always had a smile on my face or felt like laughing. There are a few touching scenes that had my eyes tearing up. And there's one scene in particular towards the end that is my FAVORITE scene EVER! Wow!

I can't wait to read Ricky Santiago's book and continue this series that I've fallen in love with. Now that I'm all caught up and done with Xavier's book, I feel like my arm has been cut off. These characters feel like friends, like actual people that I've grown to love. I think I'll reread them right before book 4 comes out.

I bow down to you, Morgan Kearns! Keep up the good work! <3


Happy Reading!

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