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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sarah Gilman's Out in Blue Blog Tour!!

Blog Tour: Out in Blue by Sarah Gilman

We’re celebrating the re-release of Out in Blue with a virtual book tour! There will be plenty of fun prizes given away during the tour, so make sure you keep up and stop by.

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SUMMARYIn a violent world where fallen archangels are hunted for their valuable plumage, Wren knows one thing for certain: the human woman who saved him from a poacher attack will die if she stays with him. The demon responsible for his parents’ gruesome deaths two decades ago pines for the chance to rip apart any woman who stands under Wren’s wing.
Wren doesn’t expect Ginger to stay by his side once she discovers his ability to drain life with a mere touch, yet she lingers. When an unusual talent of her own reveals the location of Wren’s father, Wren’s isolated world implodes. With the help of the demon protectors he’s sworn never to trust again, Wren risks everything to rescue his father, confront the demon who stalks his and Ginger’s every step, and claim his eternity with the most courageous woman he’s ever known.


Title: Out in Blue (Return to Sanctuary, #1)
Author: Sarah Gilman
Genre: Category – Paranormal
Length: 352
Release Date: February 2013
ISBN: 978-1620612194
Imprint: Select

Praise for Out in Blue:
“Out In Blue is an exceptional surprise! It's tame enough to fall under a young adult novel but has the masterful writing of an adult paranormal romance. The story immerses you into the author's alluring world and into the action from the first pages and makes it hard to put down! The secrets revealed and unexpected twists will keep you from guessing how the story ends. Filled with action, suspense and romance, Out In Blue is a unique take on the much explored angel and demon theme that will enthrall you with its emotion and element of surprise!” Lori from Romancing the Darkside

Guest Post:
Ah, inspiration. Kristina has invited me here today to talk about what inspired me to write the Return to Sanctuary series and why I think these books stand out in the sea of angel/demon paranormal romances.

The first point is a difficult one to describe. I began writing Out in Blue, the first novel in the series, when I first started writing seriously, so there were many things inspiring me. Jeaniene Frost wrote on her website about her experience getting published, which planted the idea in my own mind. Before that, I’d been writing, but I hadn’t given publication any more thought than I would to running for president or becoming an astronaut. I just didn’t think it was possible.

I started with a ghost story, and then a vampire story, back to ghosts, and finally I gave my main character wings. It’s true I’ve been fascinated by winged entities since I was very young—those memories have stuck with me—but I’m honestly not sure what inspired me to devote the time and energy to writing novels about them now. But the moment I wrote that first scene I became completely engrossed and dedicated to the topic. 

One of the things that inspired me to stick with angels was that I felt I had some unique ideas about them, which brings us to why I think the series stands out, what makes it different.

The first thing I wanted was “real” wings, not the sort that disappear when the character doesn’t need them. What happens when the wings are flesh and bone? Could the character sit in a normal chair? Would they be comfortable sleeping on their backs or would that cut off circulation? It’s true that these books are fantasy and meant to be an escape from real life, not a mirror of it, but some early writing advice I found said to ground the fantasy in realty to blur the line between the two. So I approached angels keeping in mind all the pros and cons I imagined having a pair of wings would have in the real world.

The concept of angel poaching followed the same train of thought. As a kid, I picked up feathers off the ground. I’ve seen collections of feathers. If a flesh-and-blood angel fell to earth right now, today, in our world, would someone pick up and keep a feather? Yes. Would some people be amazed enough to pull a feather out of the angel’s wings? Yes, jerks like that exist. Would some people pay insane amounts of money to own angel feathers? I’m certain they would. So, like tigers and other unfortunate animals, I bet angels would deal with poaching. They’d also deal with hate, a result of religious views toward fallen angels. Between those two factors, angels would have serious problems in the real world.

The other hopefully unique path I took in the Return to Sanctuary series is my approach to demons—the fallen archangels and demons are mostly the good guys and work together. Why? Well, first I considered again the religious view: both fallen angels and demons are supposedly evil, so religious humans would, I assume, hate them both equally. After that, I took my personal view of demons and hell.

(Please note—it is not my intention to offend anyone! I’m approaching the topic for the purpose of fiction writing, as inspiration, not to accurately portray the doctrine of any given religion.)

Hell is the place evil souls supposedly go. Demons are also considered evil, but evil demons, in my mind, would lavish evil souls in luxury, not punish them. I see demons as jail wardens and guards. They keep that evil contained, locked away, and are powerful enough to do so. That makes demons bad-ass, and ultimately good guys—at least, that’s the logic that led me to portray demons as exactly that—wardens, guards, protectors, “Guardians”—in the books.

And the last thing I’d like to mention in this long post is the romance arc. Something I found to be natural for the hero and heroine of Out in Blue is that they don’t hate each other until the last chapter. Wren and Ginger connect early in the story—having gone through more trauma together than most couples go through in their lifetimes—and have to fight their dangerous situation to have a chance to be together. In my mind, their story wouldn’t have worked if they didn’t have a connection early on because they wouldn’t have had anything to fight for. I’m a fan of the idea that love can overcome anything—one of the central themes the series.

Thank you so much, Kristina, for hosting today!

Sarah Gilman started her first novel in third grade. She never finished that story, but never gave up the dream. Her fascination with wings also began at that age, when images of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis captured her imagination and never let go. Now a paranormal romance writer, she employs her love of writing to bring the allure of winged creatures to the pages of her novels. Sarah lives in Vermont with her supportive husband and two spoiled cats.
Twitter: @Gilman_Sarah

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