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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Escaped the Night by Jennifer Blyth Review!

After the loss of her family, Shanntal must leave all that she’s familiar with to live with her aunt and uncle. Life on this intriguing island is unlike anything her imagination could stir up. She meets Jayce, who unveils an entire new world full of immortals and she finds herself falling in love, befriending fairies, shape shifters and many others. Encountering the vampire ‘Daray’ triggers her memory, placing her back into the realm of nightwalkers. As Shanntal struggles to remember her past, she learns she’s an immortal and not just any kind–she’s one of a kind. She’s the one who can walk in both worlds. An evil named Donovan is hunting her and he’s the stranger from the gardens who turned Daray and changed their lives forever.

As her memory returns, she’s torn between the love of Jayce and her loyalty to Daray and left wondering if she’ll ever get the chance to head up to the colored stars where immortals stay entwined with their true love for all time. Shanntal finds her place, but not the way she expected and now none of their lives will be the same. Both worlds are about to dramatically change and Shanntal’s the key... if she’s strong enough to survive.

My Review:
This is Jennifer Blyth's fantastic debut novel! 

Escaped the Night is a breathtaking paranormal romance that has the most amazing line up of paranormal creatures I've ever seen in one novel! It has vampires, werewolves, faeries, shape-shifters, unicorns, immortals, and more! The characters are all great as well! There are ones you hate, ones you love, and ones that make you laugh. Shanntal is the main character and despite having been through and sacrificed a lot, she stays strong through the entire novel! She is very brave, stubborn, protective of those she loves, and has a good heart! All the qualities that make up a great character! Jayce is every girl's fantasy. Handsome, tattoo, charming, romantic, and protective. He introduces Shanntal to the incredible world of the daywalkers VS the nightwalkers, along with all of the other creatures. All of the minor characters are just as entertaining, and really get you rooting for them throughout the novel. 

The story is unique! It has many different factors that come together and make a really great book! It has the perfect mix of action and romance. The story had me smiling, laughing, and crying. At the end I had a huge smile on my face and was left feeling completely satisfied. Everything was wrapped up nicely with a big bow on top! (Or a pretty cover!) I really liked that the cover had some hidden significance that was hidden in the story!

The writing is fresh, gruesome at times, beautiful in others. The descriptions were a big part of the story and they do not disappoint! I love how Jennifer captures all the different scenes perfectly. The pacing was perfect for the story, starting off slow and ending with a bang! Just when you think you've figured out what has happened, it changes. A hint of suspense was always present.

Escaped the Night is a wonderful paranormal romance that I definitely recommend to anyone that likes the genre! It is a tale of true love and good overcoming evil, as well as a coming of age story. It's an addictive read that will have you connecting to the characters and will make you not want to put it down! 

I will definitely be reading more from Jennifer Blyth! I really hope she chooses to do a sequel!

Thank you to Jennifer for providing the review copy!


Happy Reading!

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