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Friday, June 19, 2015

Lisa Beth Darling: Summer Sizzles With Two Different Kinds of Love Exclusively on Kindle! Two free reads!


As Hannah begins to spread her wings and regain control of her life her brother, Richard Mason, suddenly falls deathly ill. When none of the doctors at the prestigious Mountainside Wellness and Research Center can find out what's wrong with Mason will a vision from God be his only hope? Will the staff believe Hannah when she tells them she must find the White Rabbit or will they think she's still delusional?

"I've read this book in one sitting, just couldn't put it down." Tanja, 5 Stars

"This is a story about real love, hope, and redemption. I do recommend this whole series as a must read." Anna Salamantin, 5 Stars
"The author has done it again with another fantastic story in this series. I have enjoyed all 3 so far and hope there is more in the future." Tammy, Book Nook Nuts, 5 Stars

Halfway to the end of the bars, her legs aching, and begging her to sit down, she looked up to see Rick standing there waiting for her.  No matter how much it hurt Hannah was determined to make it to him.

"That’s it, Hannah." Nick encouraged as he walked beside her. "Keep going."
"You’re doing great," Mason said from the other end of the bars. "Not so gimpy now."
"Just you wait a few more months," she called back. "You won’t be able to catch me."  Hannah was not sure how true that was, this was torture, but she was doing it. According the Gospel of Mason, that was the most important thing.  Three more steps to go.  Hannah was nearly exhausted, she was covered in sweat, and her new improved arms were growing weak.   They began quivering as she feared they would betray her, along with her new and improved knees that would buckle and go out from under her.  With much concentration and determination, Hannah forced her legs to maintain her weight and stay upright.  "Rick," she said breathlessly.
"You can make it. Just a few more steps." If anyone in the room sympathized with Hannah, it was her brother and he had this whole time. Mason knew how excruciating physical therapy could be and, so far, Hannah had borne it like a trooper. All in all, she did much better with the exasperating and agonizing experience then he had.  Part of him was a little jealous since her surgery had been so much more extensive than his.
Just a few more agonizing steps.
Pick It Up.
Move It Forward.
Put It Down.
One Step.
Pick It Up.
Move It Forward.
Put It Down.
Two Steps.
Rick held out his arms to her.
Pick It Up.
Move it Forward.
Put It Down.
Three Steps.
The End.
"I did it!" Hannah cried as she collapsed into her brother’s arms.
"Yeah you did!" Mason said as he caught her. "You did it!"
On the other end of the room, the excited sounds of clapping was heard along with cheering and in the eyes of those gathered tears could be seen.  The only eyes that mattered to Hannah belonged to Rick and they beamed at her with pride in this triumphant moment.


Nominated for BTS Emag's Red Carpet Awards-2015 Best Book of the Year


Mason and Julie are weathering the scandal of The Video Vixen when Julies hatches a plan to find out if Mason really loves her or his co-worker, Evelyn Sinclair. Putting all of her considerable talents to the test Julie gives Mason a night he'll never forget. ADULTS ONLY.


"So what do you say? Do you want what I'm offering you?" She wanted him to take it. Although from the look on his face, he thought he was suddenly walking through a minefield. "No strings."
"Yeah. Right." Mason scoffed without thinking. It was an irresistible proposition but it had to be trick or a test of some kind.  Julie had most assuredly engaged in her fair share of threesomes though she'd yet to offer him one, still she seemed a little over confident. "You can't do it." Mason dared.  He'd been trying—half-heartedly in his own annoying way—to get Sinclair back into his bed for years. There was no way Julie was going to get her to go for a three-way with them.
"Yes, I can." It was Julie's turn to lean across the table. "Look at me, Do-c, I can get anyone…man or woman…that I want." She said with cat-like confidence. "The press says so, Bill O'Reilly even called me The Video Vixen, so I'm not alone in my opinion.  But…" she tapped a long tapered nail on the table, "not only that, I'll bet you a hundred dollars that I can have her…in your bed…tonight."
"Tonight? You're out of your mind. And you're drunk."  He sat back. Mason didn't know how long Julie had been in the waiting area looking through the windows of Sinclair's office but, when he came out of Sinclair's office, he was sure Julie had been on her way but now he thought that maybe she had been leaving.  Did she watch him leer at Sinclair's ass and tits?  How would he feel if he caught Julie openly undressing some other guy with her eyes? "I don't know what you saw or what you thought you saw, I don't want Sinclair."
"Yes, you do." Julie said in the same daring tone. "Don't lie to me, Do-c. If you want her, say so, and I'll get her for you. Tonight."
"What? Are you going to lump her over the head with a bat and drag her back to the house?"
"Nope, she'll come most willingly. I promise."


Both "Mysterious Ways" and "Regret Me Not" are Kindle Select Exclusives. Other books in both series are available on Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and Kindle.

Regret Me Not on Kindle-FREE June 19th-23rd

Mysterious Ways on Kindle-FREE June 19th-23rd

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